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Welcome! I am glad you were guided to find us.

Let me introduce myself and my spiritual quest.

My name is Renee Harrison and I am the 3rd owner of Spirit Quest Books, currently morphing itself into a online Metaphysical store experience. I have lived in 4 very different countries and explored all over 2 continents for the past 33 years while learning about myself and growing my intuitive senses, but I especially love the environment in BC, Canada and always return. I turn to Mother nature for knowledge, truth, inspiration and insights into the people, plants and animals of today.

My love of books began at the end of a  school year (in the early 80’s) when I volunteered to dust the book stacks storeroom just to get out of the classroom on a beautiful sunny day. I stepped into that cramped, dusty one-person-only space and instantly was transported to a magical scene of sunlight rays slicing through dust caked window screens and landing on certain book piles. My attention was drawn in to those “high” lighted piles. I would alternate between sneaking a read of the book jackets and dust a bit, then repeat. I was hooked for hours. From that point on my hunger to read was insatiable. Often I could be found wandering old second hand book shops or libraries. While living in Haida Gwaii, I landed a extra job working for Bill Ellis Books in the late 1990’s, where I unpacked the amazing and unique finds the owner brought back from off island trips, then cleaned (if needed) and described the books condition online, received orders and prepared them for shipping. The boathouse converted into a bookshop is well known all over the BC coast and carried everything and anything in the subject of Northwest Coast Indians. This where my dream of one day owing a online book shopping experience was born!

I am also a wellness facilitator and my teachers and influencers span the past 30 years. Some of the people I have been taught by and the modalities I have studied are Sound Essence created by Evelyn Mulders, the BodyTalk System, Dr. John Veltheim, Dr. Bradley Nelson, founder of Emotion Code and Body Code, Joshua Rosenthal, founder of Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and Sharon Strang, of Focused Bodyworks. These wise teachers have supported my budding curiosity and thirst for knowledge on the human energy system. How energy, vibration and frequencies work for us and how tools like crystals, colours and plant oils can change our emotional, mental and physical state.

Through absolute necessity I have developed my own intuitive style blending these modalities and the wisdom learned through my own healing experiences with different ailments and/or injuries such as alcoholism & addiction, arthritis, anemia, insomnia, fatigue, migraine headaches, depression & anxiety, kidney stones, stomach ulcers and leaky gut, yeast infections, low functioning immunity and poor eyesight. All of which I am happy to tell anyone are non issues for me now, as I take my self mastery seriously.

On the energy side of life, my subtle energy sensitivity continues to evolve as I evolve. As the bodies and minds of humanity are shifting and bringing a higher consciousness to the planet, so too are the crystals and elementals, the animals and the plant medicines. I find my subtle energy abilities and creative expressions are shifting along with the flow of the new energies opening up for us all. WE are ONE. What happens for one, happens for all. It is written and decreed in a well known book 😉

Flash forward to the NOW…over 20 years in the making  so far. With the history of the visions from previous owners woven within, I am thrilled to have manifested the ownership of the longest running metaphysical store that began its journey in the beautiful city of Salmon Arm.

Spirit Quest Books was established in 1999 and was the first local store dedicated to making crystals, spiritual books, and metaphysical supplies accessible to residents and visitors of Salmon Arm and the surrounding Shuswap communities. It is my vision to provide a creative and resourceful online space for everyone to shop and explore in a positive, energetic environment and to generously share my passion, knowledge and resources to assist people in finding the right crystal, book, or spiritual direction they are seeking.

We are all spirits first, experimenting at having a human experience. What better place to be then here? So let Spirit Quest Books support & guide you on your private quest for answers, knowledge and resources through a thorough search of all there is available to us all.